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docCreator is the foundation upon which our flagship applications are built. With docCreator, you can easily orchestrate automated, compliant, workflows to create, distribute, retrieve, and archive all your documents, forms, and presentations.
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A modular and flexible platform for document, presentation, and prospectus management.

Benefits for Financial Services

Automated, on-demand generation of PRIIPs, KIDs, KIIDs PIS, and other regulatory documents
Implementation of performance data, risk-return matrices, and more!
Simultaneous processing and approval of documents, snippets, and text blocks
Generate and send documents in PDF, XML and HTML format
Integration of 3rd-party market data, reference data, and KID hubs
Vendor and customer data feeds
Vector graphics for high-quality images and offset prints
Flexible editor with reusable components, inheritance, and logic
Pagination control to create the perfect document
Available in all languages
plus 中文!

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Jörg Barenhoff
Sales & Business Development
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Audit-compliant, document creation is here.

Add efficiency and peace-of-mind to join your regulatory workflow.

Production Ready

In addition to the regulation of regulatory requirements enables the docCreator uniform layout and design gave about all document types and transferred these in uniform structures.
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Open IT Infrastructure

Our technology is based on a modern SOA, or Services Oriented Architecture. This gives us the ability to develop dynamic and flexible new solutions while providing you with a swift time-to-market.
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